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It is imperative to have your customs brokerage in place prior to shipping. A customs broker can advise you as to whether the products will be admissible into the US, whether clearance with other agencies (FDA, EPA, CPSC, F&W, FCC, DOT, USDA )  may be required, if anti-dumping or countervailing duties apply, and what paperwork will be needed.

1.  Prior to import work, clients must complete a JBM Customs Power of Attorney and Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions. 

2.  Ocean shipments require the importer security filing no later than 24 hours prior to loading.  Send data elements to JBM 3-5 days before loading.

2.  Send JBM paperwork, including but not limited to: a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, and arrival notice.

3.  JBM secures import bond if needed and transmits data based on import paperwork to CBP and other PGAs. 

4.  Once shipment is released, customs duties and fees are payable 10 business days after entry date.

The basic service of JBM Customs Broker LLC includes the electronic filing of the entry summary information, issuance of a delivery order and invoice.   Any services beyond these are subject to additional charges.  Commonly, these additional services are communicating with overseas supplier for documents / data, securing steamship release.

Cargo insurance is provided only if requested in writing and agreed to upon.